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Your back pain can be cured by making changes in the basic ways of lifestyle, Until it's too late.

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Over the years, largely due to a hectic lifestyle with no physical exercise routine, spinal problems among people have increased significantly. It is getting critical because things can be cured by making changes in the basic ways of lifestyle, but they end up with the surgery. Spinal problems are often linked to the brain and hence can be fatal. Dr. Pavan Jain, among one of the Best Spine and brain Surgeon in Jaipur, provides you with the best treatments for different spinal problems. He has performed a number of spinal neurology conditions in recent times at a higher success rate.

Dr. Pavan works with a diverse team of experts including neurologists, pain management and physical therapists to find the best solutions for his patients.

In spine surgery, the bone used in the procedure is often taken from another bone in the human body, most probably the hip. This doesn’t damage the hip and keeps the fusion more stable. If needed, a small hip surgery can be performed at the same time as the spine surgery.

The outcome of the surgery at Dr. Pavan Jain's Jaipur Brain and Spine Center will be satisfactory and offer the best treatment for a healthy life. It is considered as a rebirth for spinal neurological patients as they can go back to there normal life after so much of sufferings.

Even the very thought of undergoing surgery can be scary for many, but the fear and anxiety will come down if you know you are in safe hands. When it comes to spine surgery in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Dr. Pavan Jain is committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive care for patients suffering from neurosurgical disorders, presenting patient with both conservative as well as surgical options. He uses the safe and most effective techniques that will decrease your pain after surgery and helps you recover faster and better.

Dr. Pavan Jain has done his MBBS and MS from SMS medical college Jaipur. He did his Mch in neurosurgery from GMC, Goa. Prior to moving his expertise to EHCC Hospital Jaipur, Dr. Jain was at Fortis hospital Jaipur and Mittal hospital Ajmer. He has worked in some of the finest and well-known medical institutions, He believes in taking calculated risks as life depends on it.  

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