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Brain Tumor Surgery

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Brain Tumor Surgery

If you have been detected with a brain tumor, you probably have several questions about the diagnosis, therapy, surgery and the recovery process.

Dr. Pavan Jain is a recognized brain surgeon for advanced, leading-edge brain tumor surgery in Jaipur for benign and malignant tumors initiating in the brain, as well as metastatic cancer that initiates outside of the brain.

A collaborative team of specialists work with Dr. Pavan Jain to develop personalized brain tumour treatment plans based on their complete, multidisciplinary assessment of all of the diagnostic information available.  Dr. Pavan takes patient-centered approach to care since he believes no two patients respond in the same way to treatment. This includes individual molecular profiling, advanced neuroimaging and neurocognitive testing to choose the finest therapeutic options.


An exceptional strength of our brain program is the ability to convert research findings from the laboratory into medical practice, giving brain tumor patients direct and fast access to the latest brain tumor surgery alternatives in Jaipur.

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