Meet Dr. Pavan Jain

About me

Dr. Pavan Jain has done his MBBS And MS from SMS medical college Jaipur. He did his Mch in neurosurgery from GMC , Goa. Prior to moving his expertise to CK Birla Hospitals,-RBH, Dr. Jain worked at EHCC Hospital Jaipur and Fortis Hospital Jaipur.



He has done a lot of complex spine surgeries and has specialised at GMC Goa for handling head trauma centre. He works with a diverse team including neurologists, pain management and physical therapists to find the best solutions for his patients. He is committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive care for patients suffering from neurosurgical disorders, presenting patient with both conservative as well as surgical options.



Although surgery is always the very last option, he offers both minimally invasive as well open reconstructive surgeries. He has a passion for paediatric and adult patients with scoliosis, spinal tumours, traumatic fractures of the spine and degenerative diseases.