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The rule of golden hour - First one hour from the onset of the stroke.

One needs to act and conduct FAST check; Check for Face, Arm, Speech and Time - Act on time and call for help.

Brain Hemorrhage / Brain Stroke occurs when a blood supply to part of the brain is interrupted or reduced. Brain being the most important organ - BOSS ORGAN requires one to act on time.

SYMPTOMS which one can witness includes : Paralysis / Numbness in parts of body , trouble in speaking or understanding , Loss of vision , headache , and a disturbed gait (walking).

SEEK a doctor’s help immediately - it is advisable to call your Neurosurgeon in contact.

Causes of Brain Stroke are mainly due to two reasons :

1) Due to blocked artery ( Ischemic stroke) or

2) Blood leaking through an Artery/Vein ( Hemorrhagic Stroke)

TRANSIENT ISCHEMIC STROKE (TIA): This is a temporary situation where in the stroke is caused for fewer minutes and the symptoms resolves, but one should still seek a medical advice for it.

COVID19 - infection is the most important risk factor in times of pandemic and other include a varied lifestyle disorders - HTN , DM , Smoking , Drugs.

Seeking a medical treatment in the golden hour facilitates right treatment at right time and this reverses the permanent damage to brain and imparts better results.

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