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Why to see a neurosurgeon for a regular headache?

What is that constant buzz that you hear? Is it like someone trying to break a brick wall, or constantly playing bad music on full volume?

Having an issue of headache has become very common these days. Our brain is like the CPU of the system and just like a computer cannot function if the CPU fails, similarly we humans cannot function properly if our brain stops.

The headache can have various symptoms like nausea, vomiting, dizziness etc. and it can result in you fainting at any point if you have a severe headache.Migraine has become a family member these days as every other person has it. When such headaches happen which become a hindrance for your life then it is time to see a specialist.

There are several issues that can cause a headache and as our body is very complex, it makes it hard for us to understand. A neurosurgeon is the only one who can unlock this mystery. The right key to the door where the reason for your headache is hidden can only be found by him. They are a lot of technicalities involved when it comes to our brain. If you have to take painkillers for your headaches very frequently then you must immediately go to a neurosurgeon. 

But before this it is important that you need to know who a neurosurgeon is exactly. A doctor specialised in the surgery of the nervous system, brain and spinal cord to be specific is a neurosurgeon. Now you must be realising why you need to go to one for headaches. The neurosurgeon is the only doctor who can figure out the problems for your headache and then if the reason is something else other than the brain and spinal cord, the surgeon can suggest you to go to the respective specialist but to reach to the root of the problem you have to understand the branches of it first. Any physician would suggest a neurosurgeon for headaches. 

You might think that it is just a headache but in future it can result in big problems like tumour or hemorrhage. Headaches could also be the first sign of this and it is better if you understand the cause as soon as possible before it gets too late. 

If you have headache problems and don’t know where to go then we are here to guide you. We understand that since you are already in pain it becomes difficult to take decisions and hence to ensure that you don’t have a lifetime problem, consult Dr Pavan Jain.   

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