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Brain Surgery

The term “brain surgery” denotes several medical procedures that include repairing structural complications in the brain

Brain Tumor Surgery

If you have been detected with a brain tumor, you probably have several questions about the diagnosis, therapy, surgery and the recovery process.

Spine Surgery

Aging, inappropriate body mechanics, sudden trauma, stress and structural abnormalities can hurt your spine, which leads to back pain and other indicators such as leg pain, numbness or even leg weakness.

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  • Which is most important organ of the human body which controls all the activity that one does?
    Nervous system which consists of the Brain and Spine which controls all the functions of the body.
  • Who is the boss of the body?
    BRAIN Is the BIG BOSS of the body as it controls every function that we can imagine like - How do you remember the way to your friend's house? - Why do your eyes blink without you ever thinking about it? - Where do dreams come from? Your brain is in charge of these things and a lot more. Infact, your brain is the boss of your body. It runs the show and controls just about everything you do, even when you're asleep
  • Why is the spinal cord important for us?
    We need the spinal cord, which is a long bundle of nerves inside your spinal column, and it is the bony vertebrae that protects the Nerves. It's the spinal cord and nerve which is the part of nervous system that let messages flow back and forth between the brain and body. So an injury to Spinal cord results in no message conveyed form Brain to other other organs and that is why all spinal injury results in paralysis usually.
  • Who controls our emotions?
    It comes with no surprise that the brain runs your emotions? Maybe you had fun on your birthday and you were really happy. Or your friend is sick and you feel sad. Or your little brother messed up your room, so you're really angry! Where do those feelings come from? Your brain, of course. Your brain has a little bunch of cells on each side called the amygdala (say: uh-MIG-duh-luh). The word amygdala is Latin for almond, and that's what this area looks like. Scientists believe that the amygdala is responsible for emotion. It's normal to feel all different kinds of emotions, good and bad. Sometimes you might feel a little sad, and other times you might feel scared, or silly, or glad. And all this and more is because of your BIG BOSS BRAIN
  • Do brain cells die with time?
    Scientists aren't sure how many brain cells you lose each day because of decay and misuse, but you don't need to worry. You have enough to last for your whole lifetime! Although earlier we used to believe that the brain cannot repair itself, but you can always keep repairing the brain by regular mind exercises and games. It is very important for you to keep brain healthy and to take care of it as it cannot repair as fast as our skin hair and nails. So Protecting your brain from accidents is very important.
  • Can the brain be donated to someone else when a person dies?
    No brain cannot be donated.
  • Does the Brain also sleep when we sleep?
    No The brain is always working, even while you sleep!!!!
  • Do all back pain require spinal surgery?
    No not all cases of back pain require spinal surgery, only one out of 10 cases require an active surgical intervention, rest all only require only a good life style modification and exercises to learn from the spine specialist.
  • What is the effect of alcohol on brain?
    Alcohol is a depressant of the CNS. That means that alcohol makes nerve cells in the brain less excited, causing them to slow down. Does this surprise you? People often think that alcohol is a “pick-me-up” experience because it causes drinkers to become more animated and less reserved. That's because the first areas affected by small amounts of alcohol are those involved in inhibiting behaviours, which can cause an increase in animation, an increase in talkativeness, and greater sociability. But there are many indications that the brain is slowing down. Examples could be Altered speech, Hazy thinking, Slowed reaction time, Dulled hearing, Impaired vision, Weakened muscles, Foggy memory.
  • Is it important to reach hospital fast if a patient has brain stroke?
    Brain Stroke patients who reach the hospital within one hour of symptoms receive a clot-busting drug twice as often as those arriving later. Researchers call the first hour of symptom onset "the golden hour."
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